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Our Austin Texas based firm provides the federal government, city muncipalities and private sector companies with technical and quality oversight support for engineered systems, operations and products.  Our Principals have been providing independent quality services professionally since 1991 for regulated industries and internal process control programs.  Over this 25 years experience, we have established a network of productive relationships with federal and state regulators.

We offer technical assistance to our clients in regards to process optimization while increasing service or product quality, and reducing operational costs.  All of which is established within the appropriate certification, accreditation, or per applicable Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) requirements.  Our engineers, scientists, technicians and IT professionals offer a varied technical background and foundation to develop combined and advanced solutions to meet our client's needs.   

Services are provided in a manner to demonstrate known documented quality and adhere to ISO/IEC 17025 applicable protocols, necessary data quality objectives, or to meet CFR regulations.

Our strengths are technical performance, model reporting deliverables and regulatory audit experience.  The number of support contracts is purposely limited to ensure value delivered and timely response.  We know our client's success is our own.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

The Texas Element team
Austin, TX  USA

512-666-0090  |  jkh@texaselement.com
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